• Pride Lands Veg (5lb)
  • Pride Lands Bloom (5lb)
  • Granular Mycorrhizae (1lb)
  • Earthshine (2lb)
  • Green Aminos (2lb)
  • Nature's Brix (2lb)
  • Flower Finisher (2lb)
  • Defense (2lb)
  • Water Conditioner (8oz)
  • Food Grade 5 gallon bucket




Pride Lands Veg

  • Encourages rapid vegetative growth and root development.
  • Provides all essential macro and micro nutrients.
  • Contains mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria
  • Contains Biochar.
  • Ph buffered for ideal nutrient availability.
  • Can be applied as dry top dress or as a component of nutrified compost teas.
  • Balanced formula provides both rapid and slow release nutrition.



  • Improves soil quality.
  • Help fix nitrogen in the soil.
  • Disolves dead leaves and roots.
  • Improves CEC of soil.
  • Great for compost teas.
  • Compost accelerator.
  • Helps to swell stock and branch size.
  • Aides in terpene production
  • Natrual and organic.


Green Aminos

  • Encourages the production of fine root hairs and root branching.
  • Provides three different protein sources which are broken down into a wide array of amino acids.
  • Contains the simple sugar lactose as a microbial food source.
  • Contains a wide array of trace minerals.
  • Contains high levels of Calcuim.
  • Great for compost teas.
  • Can be applied as soil drench or foliar spray.
  • Compatable with any growing medium and base fertilizer.


Granular Mycorrhizae

  • Reduces transplant stress.
  • Increases surface area of root zone.
  • Aides in root development.
  • Helps fight off root pathogens.
  • Helps solubilize phosphorous naturally.
  • Reduces watering frequency.
  • Great for compost teas.
  • Improves soil quality.


Pride Lands Bloom

  • Encourage expolsive flower production.
  • Includes all essential micro and macronutrients.
  • Contains mycorrihzae, beneficial bacteria.
  • Use stand alone or with Flower Finisher.


Flower Finisher

  • Increase terpene profile and aroma.
  • Increase natrual weight and density.
  • Highly Concentrated.
  • Use in final 4-5 weeks for flower development.


Nature's Brix

  • Premium blend of carbohydrate, simple sugar, rock dust and other quality ingredients.
  • Increase brix levels and resin production.
  • Use througout the entire flowering cycle.



  • Safely controls and repels a wide range of insect pests; mites, fungus gnats, thrips, root aphids and soil dwelling larvae.
  • Harmless to Humans and pets.
  • Can be applied on edible/consumable crops.
  • Can be applied up to the day of harvest.
  • Harmless to beneficial insects.
  • Made with food grade - certified organic herbs and spices.
  • Can be applied as a dry top dress or as a foliar spray when brewed with water.


Water Conditioner:-

  • Removes Chlorine (up to 5mg/l)
  • Destroys Chloramines.
  • Detoxifies heavy metals.
  • Provides essential electrolytes.
  • 8oz will treat 1000 gallons of water.


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