• Pride Lands Bloom (5lb)
  • Flower Finisher (2lb)
  • Nature's Brix (2lb)





Pride Lands Bloom

  • Encourage expolsive flower production.
  • Includes all essential micro and macronutrients.
  • Contains mycorrihzae, beneficial bacteria.
  • Use stand alone or with Flower Finisher.


Flower Finisher

  • Increase terpene profile and aroma.
  • Increase natrual weight and density.
  • Highly Concentrated.
  • Use in final 4-5 weeks for flower development.


Nature's Brix

  • Premium blend of carbohydrate, simple sugar, rock dust and other quality ingredients.
  • Increase brix levels and resin production.
  • Use througout the entire flowering cycle.




Flower Package

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